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Hair Extensions Ottawa

Seven-Time Winner of "Ottawa's Best Hair Extensions" Award 

When you're looking for hair extensions, "Glam Fairy Hair Extensions Ottawa" should be your go-to destination!

Our salon specializes exclusively in all things hair extensions. 


Hair Extensions Ottawa
Highest Quality

The majority of hair extension companies gather their hair from different donors and therefore contain hair that is going in all different directions, which will get tangled and matted, especially in the long lengths. Our hair is 100% single donor collected. This means that every package of Glam Fairy Hair Extensions Ottawa is ethically gathered from the same person. Not only does this give our hair extensions natural flow and movement, but it also means zero tangling and matting. Known for their fine texture, vibrancy of colour, and superb durability, Russian hair extensions are considered the "crème de la crème" of premium hair extensions. Let your glam experience begin!

Best Hair Extensions Ottawa

Our core commitment is to maintain and improve the integrity of your hair. This is why we began sourcing high-quality and handmade extensions, as it was the only way to achieve true quality control. The versatility of tape in hair extensions means they're an ideal styling option for those with commitment issues. These extensions lay really flat on your head, and that allows for a more seamless look. You can instantly transform your length, volume, and colour into the look of your dreams. Your installation and removal involve no glue or chemicals. They last up to three months, and the hair is reusable! It takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with no damage.

Ottawa Hair Extensions

At Glam Fairy Hair, we have over 11 years of experience specializing in hair extensions in Ottawa, Ontario. We believe in providing the highest quality products and making them available at a fair price while maintaining ethical collection and labour practices. Hair is collected from every Russian region. Women willingly come to designated "cutting salons" to sell their hair for a trade price. The amount paid depends on the length and colour of their natural hair. However, on average, women are paid the equivalent of one month's salary. If you are looking for professional, amazing quality, and reliable hair extensions, look no further!

All hair extensions are not equal. A lot of places say that they use Russian hair, but they don’t. The reason for this is simple—Russian hair is more expensive and is also more difficult to source while Remy hair is readily available in large quantities and extremely cheap to buy. If you research our brand, you will see that we have developed a very high reputation for the most natural hair extensions. We strongly believe in providing quality service that clients like you can confidently recommend to your friends and family. Our goal is to make every customer a long-term client and to provide service at the highest possible level, making it easy for you to choose us again and again—and easy for you to look gorgeous day after day. Book an appointment today and join thousands of satisfied clients!

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Brush your way to healthier hair with Brushify 


The release of active anionic effectively heals hair, promotes blood circulation, reduces dandruff, and prevents hair loss by coating each hair strand with a very, very small amount of sebum (the oil produced by the scalp). Brushify restores straight, wavy, and curly hair’s natural beauty. This brush gently exfoliates and promotes healthy hair from root to tip.